Chrome Sync

Chrome Sync is an easy to use sync service for your mobile devices. You can use it to access bookmarks, opened tabs and browsing history on your iOS or Android devices.

We are serious about your privacy, the syncing process is encrypted and all your data are stored in your own Google Docs account to ensure safety. We don’t have access to these data.


Download and install a Chrome extension(Link) is needed on your Mac or PC. Use IE or Safari to download if Chrome prevent you from downloading it.

Google just changed the Chrome Store policy, which is why you have to follow these steps to install it. We’ll fix it soon.

1. Open Setting page of Chrome (click the upper-right button of Chome, the 3 lines one, then choose Setting).

2. Open the Extensions tab in Setting (it’s on the left side of Setting page).

3. Drag the extension file you just downloaded (like apollobrowser.chromesync-0.6.2.crx) to Chrome window. There will be a “Drop to install” tip in the middle of Chome window.

4. Drop the file, than click Continue when Google ask your permission.

If you have any problem,please drop us an Email, we’ll get back to you ASAP. We also prepared an instruction video for you: