Firefox Sync

Firefox Sync is an easy to use sync service for your mobile devices. You can use it to access bookmarks, opened tabs and browsing history on your iOS or Android devices.

We are serious about your privacy, the syncing process is encrypted and all your data are stored in your own Google Docs account to ensure safety. We don’t have access to these data.


Download and install a Firefox extension(Link) is needed on your Mac or PC.

Open Firefox and click the link above, a alert will pop up as the picture below. Please click Allow to continue:

After that, Firefox will download an add-on we need, click Install Now when a pop up shows up:

You will have to restart Firefox to make it work after the installation. Please click Restart Now as the following picture shows.

After restart, Firefox will open a new page and let you Sign in your Google Account. You will need to sign in or Firefox Sync won’t be able to store your browsing data.

Then Google will ask your access. Please click Grant access, than Firefox Sync can use Google Docs to store your data.

All done!

If you have any problem, please drop us an Email, we’ll get back to you ASAP. We also prepared an instruction video for you: