YouTube, Simplified


The most easy-to-use yet feature rich client for Youtube. Watch later, fullscreen play, likes, dislikes, everything is just one click away.

Instagram, Doubled


IG Viewer for Instagram

Why do you use Galaxy, Nexus or Kindle Fire Tablet if you can’t maximize the beauty of their large screens?

Evernote, Enhanced



Use Evernote like a diary, Journal will combine all entires you wrote in a day to a single note.


Use iOS Notes app as Evernote, iNote is the first and only app that syncs Notes and Evernote.

Simple Ever

Use Evernote with PIN Lock and Offline, but without the premium fee.

Browsers, Synced

Firefox SyncChrome SyncIE Sync

FireFoxChromeIE Syncs

Tabs, bookmarks, history. Access all your information from your iOS or Android devices.

Browsing, Redefined

Apollo Browser

A free browser that can blocks ads, downloads files and doesn’t need to reload pages.